How did it feel to come up trumps in our Bloke Awards?
It was very flattering and I’m really grateful to everyone that voted for me. It’s a bit embarrassing really. I’ve never won anything like that before, so obviously all my gym work’s ?paid off.
Where’s the award going to go?
I’m putting it in my downstairs loo with my cover of FHM in a frame next to it. My step-dad’s in the process of putting it up as we speak!
With all of your appearances you’re turning into a bit of an FHM regular…
Yeah, it’s good! I’ve been in the magazine a few times but until now I’d never been on the cover ofFHM. It’s an honour – and it’s nice to give the readers something back.
In The City is sexier than the original Hollyoaks show; do you prefer it?
I wouldn’t say it’s sexier in the way that it’s written, more in the way that it’s shot. Last time it was more about nudity and stuff, as opposed to keeping it classy. It’s more glamorous this time around, and there’s a new cast and new writers. And we get weekends off!
Is it easier now that you can swear?
There’s less outtakes! It’s more fun and games. Hollyoaks was a 6.30 slot but as this is on later it’s more of a drama. I love the acting side of it. I’d love to be Bond girl. I think everyone would. And now I’ve got my new boobs I could use them as air bags in cars and stuff.
You’ve done several FHM shoots now. Do you enjoy them?
They’ve been really good. The photographer was fab on this one. We did these shots over two days, so I got a night out in London, which was good. I’d been posing in the little pool all day so I got a bit cold! But I’m very pleased with the pictures.
Could you swim around in that pool?
Yes, and I could do a full circle! But it was only small: if I backed up and stretched, my legs touched either side of the corners. So I could do the splits in there.
Did you feel a bit like a goldfish? 
Ha! I did feel a bit like I was in an aquarium. It was a bit… different.
Let’s talk about the boob job. Trust us, we’re fans, but in your previous FHMshoots, you already looked incredibly sexy…
They have been sexy but I was always in push-up bras. Whereas with these new ones I can be in bikinis or no underwear with no support and they still look amazing. Before, I was a D-cup and I started boxing training and I lost loads of weight. With us girls your weight goes from your boobs and your bum first. I shrunk to a B-cup. It looks nice in a bra and I don’t think any guy would have complained, but from a woman’s point of view it wasn’t very flattering for me, so I pumped them back up to their normal D-cup again.
With a boob job, can you take different-sized fruit into the surgeon and say, “I want them like this”?
Ha! It’s weird because the doctor put out four different implants and said “Take your pick”. I picked one and he said, “No, they’re too small,” and so I picked another size and he said “No, they’ll look ridiculous”. He was really good, he helps you pick out the right ones for your figure and frame. I think he’s done a good job.
As do we. Can you see your toes?
Let’s try! [stands up] Ah! No I can’t, actually! And my feet are quite long. I can probably see the end of my shoes, but nothing else.
Would you do a Jordan and keep getting them larger?
No. I’ve read some ridiculous stories. Someone said I wanted to be the new Jordan, but I don’t. I think Jordan looks amazing, but I’m happy with my little ones.
Were you surprised by the reaction to your boob job? Even Chris Moyles was talking about it on Radio 1.
Well, I don’t blame him because he was talking about the most horrific picture of me that was taken on a night out. But I don’t regret it. All my girlfriends have said that they want theirs done now. But all the lads in my family are a bit embarrassed to look at me. They’re a bit like, “Whoa, Gemma’s got huge tits!” But the reaction… it’s natural for guys to look, isn’t it?
We like to think so. Do men stare more?
Yeah. It’s been cold so I’ve been wearing jumpers. I think people have been looking at me like, “I thought you’d had your boobs done?”
What about women, do you catch them sneaking a peek?
I’ve been out in clubs and girls have said, “Let me see your new boobs!” and I’ve just showed them.
Yeah, girls always do that. Girls always go to the toilets together.
We always thought it was to wee, not show their breasts to one another.
Ha! I think people are just intrigued to see what they look like now. A lot of people say, “You’ve not had them done, they look the same.” They did look huge at first because they were still swollen. But now that it’s been a few months, they’re back to normal. To be honest there’s been such a big hype about them and they’re not that amazing! They’re just normal boobs!
Do male mates ask to try a squeeze?
Yeah. They’ve all had a squeeze. Every guy I’ve spoken to about it thinks they’re going to be rock hard but because I’ve had the implant behind my normal breast tissue they just feel like normal boobs.
Do you have to lean backwards slightly when you walk?
Ha. No, but at first I did have a bit of a sore back. I went for a massage not long ago at my gym because it hurt and I think that was down to my boobs. But I’m sorted now.
Have you got a boyfriend?
I’ve not got a fella, no. I’m single and I’m looking! That’s the thing, I’ve spent a fortune and got new boobs and no one’s even seen them properly. They’ve not even been tried out yet. My boobs are frigid as far as that goes!
Have you thought of suggesting bikini scenes to the In The City scriptwriters?
Well, that’s one thing I’ve said that I’m not going to do. People are always going to assume that I’m willing to wap them out. A shoot like this is fine, I’m willing to do it because it’s a photo shoot. But with a storyline I’d rather do scenes covered up and then it’s an opportunity to get them out on shoots like this.
You did pretty well in this year’s 100 Sexiest Poll – who would you have voted for?
I think Halle Berry’s stunning-looking. And Charlize Theron. But I can see why guys think that girls like Carmen Electra are fit. Who’s the actress who had her head shaved… Natalie Portman. That just proves how pretty she is, if she can get away with that.
Finally then, what’s the secret to being sexy?
Having confidence is very sexy. If you walk into a room and you’re nervous or embarrassed, you draw the wrong kind of attention to yourself. Walk in thinking you look amazing, and everyone’ll think that too.Gemma Atkinson – ZOO July 2014Gemma Atkinson CelebritiesGemma Atkinson CelebritiesGemma Atkinson CelebritiesGeri bildirim gönder